Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


Minimally invasive spine surgery can be performed safely in a surgical center that is equipped for spine. Dr. Richard Lee performs minimally invasive spine procedures at Orthopedic Surgery Center of Orange County (OSCOC). Being an orthopedic center, the primary focus for the team is the needs of the orthopedic patient and family. The level of care and ratio of nurses to patient is high at 1RN for every 1-2 patients. In addition, all anesthesia care is provided by the anesthesia group at Hoag Hospital. The Board certified physicians are kept up to date with safe care and best practice for anesthesia and pain management.


Minimally invasive spine surgery at OSCOC can provide a unique value to patients. OSCOC is a free standing surgery center that does not access hospital rates. OSCOC is currently in-network/contracted with all major payers in California and has been since 2000. Patients can access the contracted rates for all services through their insurance benefits. OSCOC’s high quality outcomes and high patient satisfaction scores, along with the preferred pricing makes it a high value center for patients. We can provide information about a patients out of pocket costs prior to surgery. Also, being well versed in the costs, OSCOC and the physicians can offer competitive cash rates that are bundled with the facility costs, anesthesia care, surgeon fees and more. This provides transparency and peace of mind for the patients when considering minimally invasive spine surgery.


While most minimally invasive spine procedures do not require overnight stay in a facility, there are certain times when this is a good option. OSCOC has private patient rooms for 23 hour recovery care that are staffed by 2 highly trained nurses, the ratio of nurse to patient is 2RN for every 1-3 patients. This is available when pre booked and needed for specific procedures.