Hand & Upper Extremity



Hand, wrist and elbow ailments range from the gradual, chronic pain and limited function of carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis due to repetitive motion to more acute ailments such as fractures.

At Orthopedic Surgery Center of Orange County we perform more than 1900 hand and upper extremity procedures a year, of these more than 500 were for fracture care.  Cases are performed by Board Certified Orthopedic surgeons who specialize in care of the fingers, hand, wrist and elbow.    All efforts are made to treat ailments conservatively when appropriate before surgery is an option.

 Some procedures we perform for hand and upper extremity are as follows but not limited to this list

 ·         Carpal tunnel release

·         Trigger finger release

·         Fracture care of fingers, hand, wrist and elbow

·         Finger joint repair or replacement

·         Tendonitis procedures

·         Elbow joint replacement

Permanent surgeons to Orthopedic Surgery Center of Orange County are:

Tze Ip, MD

Nicholas Rose, MD

John Cook, MD

Shaun Desai, MD

Ying Chi, MD